Thursday, November 06, 2008

Padre committer

if you are following padre, you may find that I'm a committer now.

[fayland@alpha padre]$ svn log | perl -MData::Dumper -n -e'if (/^r\d+\s*\|\s*(\w+)\s*\|/) {$c{$1}++} END {print Dumper \%c}'
$VAR1 = {
'tsee' => 19,
'adamk' => 90,
'fayland' => 12,
'patspam' => 6,
'bricas' => 2,
'szabgab' => 538

mainly I'm contributing something like follows:
* Wx::Choice ->SetSelection(0);
* add test 82-plugin-manager.t and cleanup _load_plugin in
* highlight with PPI for Perl5
* remove "no output" in ack
* Limit the search_terms/replace_terms
* add main_files_pos to goto last pos for those left files.

some are trivial and some are important. I feel proud with those commit.

and I update the plugins list a lot. now I have 7 plugins for padre.
Padre-Plugin-AcmePlayCode-0.02 Acme::PlayCode Plugin for Padre
Padre-Plugin-CPAN-0.01 CPAN in Padre
Padre-Plugin-PluginHelper-0.02 make building Padre plugin easy
Padre-Plugin-TabAndSpace-0.05 convert between space and tab within Padre
Padre-Plugin-Validator-0.02 validate HTML/CSS in Padre
Padre-Plugin-ViewInBrowser-0.01 view selected doc in browser for Padre
Padre-Plugin-WordStats-0.02 Word stats for Padre

Padre-Plugin-PluginHelper is useful to develop a new plugin, it loads plugin from a local dir, and it can be reloaded after change.

so start to play with padre, and tell us what you think. :)


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